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18 mins ago

ISIS is the latest of many Islamisms

The frightening rise and expansion of ISIS, which has now triggered yet another round of American-led foreign military attacks i ...

3 hours ago


7 hours ago

Lebanese Artists featured on France24

Proud to have these Lebanese artists featured on France24; Naseej’s Mike Massey, Mashrou3 Leila, and the Hiphop revoluti...

9 hours ago

Tweaking the SIM Card: Apple’s Hidden Agenda

Apple gets what Apple wants. So far, this statement has been pretty correct. In terms of innovation, market disruption, ...

12 hours ago

هل يفعلها أوباما ويقفز فوق خط أحمر جديد، في إيران هذه المرة؟

Follow @JoumanaNammour “ هناك اتفاق في متناول اليد.. نحن لا نطلب ضمانات أمنية، ولا أموال، نحن ببساطة لا نطلب من الولايات...

12 hours ago

Give up Trying.