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17 hours ago

حرب سوريا تلفح وجه لبنان بقوة بعد ميثاق داعش والنصرة

Follow @JoumanaNammour ما فرقته بعض الرؤى والخلافات على تحديد الأهداف، جمعته مصلحة مشتركة بمواجهة “عدو” في عقر داره. الد...

17 hours ago

Is there a term for people who are really bad at directions?

So im extremely terrible with directions. I get lost everywhere. In fact, I now am writing this and I don’t even know wh...

18 hours ago

Feather Power

19 hours ago

The rule of law triumphs, sort of, in the U.S.

The conviction in a Washington court Wednesday of four former Blackwater Worldwide security guards for their roles in a 2007 sh ...